• Valid driver's license
• Be older than 25 years of age and younger than 65
• Credit Card for retention
• Identification or Passport
Only credit cards, deposits, or wire transfers are accepted as a form of payment.
*Cash is not accepted.
We require that you include at least one of the different packages of insurance we offer. We offer a variety of protections from which you can choose according to your needs:
- Econo Pack
- Premium Pack

*Para conocer con más detalle la cobertura de cada uno, te recomendamos que te comuniques con nosotros.
Feel free to return your vehicle at the time you please. However, a minimum of 1 day will be charged.
The amount of the retention applied to your credit card depends on the type of vehicle category of your choice. Nonetheless, the total amount will be unfrozen once you return your vehicle in the same conditions you received it.
Our vehicles enjoy insurance coverage only within Honduran territory. Therefore, any NON-corporate client who leaves the borders of Honduran without territorial extension is subject to a fine of $500 and is excluded from all insurance coverage in the event of any eventuality.